imageNina Barbora Evans Non-Executive Director – Head of Education and Training of the British Association of Hirudotherapy (which currently unites members from 27 countries), Founder & Principal Coach for the Integrative QuadraCare Method in the UK (, also Secretary of the International Community of Hirudotherapy Practitioners – ICHP-. She studied in the UK, Russia, Lithuania, Vietnam. Mc qualified in medicine, chemistry, educology and social sciences (PhD is in progress). Postgraduate by Dr. Thai Vhengh Ming and Prof. Dr. Albert Krashenyuk. Working as Doctor of Complementary medicine Nina Barbora advocates for safe supervised Modern Leech therapy and Hirudopractice usage for everyone. Nina Barbora is very passionate about professionally performed leech treatment provided to the highest standard and in 2015 unprecendently registered Hirudotherapy with the UK National Register for Complementary Therapies via GRCCT. Nina Barbora is a founder and full member of CanadianSpanish, Netherlands, Indian and United Arab Emirates Hirudotherapy associations. She is an advisor and supporter of Polish, US and Portuguese Hirudotherapy associations. In her spare time she is travelling, does singing-song-writing, also engaged with creative projects, literature clubs and novel’s writing. more

Aleksandra Bogatyriova – Admin Team leader. Our unique character Aleksandra is passionate about the environment and leeches. Driven by the knowledge and experience of the modern leech therapy she is ready to work 25/7 and more. Well mannered, trustworthy and always polite she is constantly monitoring quality of leech  and works a lot overseas to improve it. She is confident that her professional leech applications can help with many health disorders and proved it to many prominent doctors initiating Indian and the United Arab Emirates Hirudotherapy associations. She had never received a single complaint from her clients who were celebrities, tycoons and best international researchers – medical consultants.

Sergiy Kolos is approved as Head of the BAH IT and Innovations Department of the British Association of Hirudotherapy. Being passionate of the Quadracare and Modern Leech therapy method applied within professional Hirudopractice, Sergiy is the high qualified specialist in many Natural Medicine spheres offering visceral massage, lymphatic drainage and correction of the spine and joints as the best preparation of leech applications.

Jury-FilJury Fil – Secretary of the British Association of Hirudotherapy, coach and Quadracare in Modern Leech therapy and Hirudopractice specialist.

Eva Nalikka Delivery, Applicator

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