Prof. Dr. Oleg Kamenev – Doctor of Natural Medicine, Chair of the International Co-operation Community of Hirudopractitioners – ICCHP-, health coach and Founder of the Hiruline Leech products Corporation

Prof. Dr. Albert Krashenyuk – Doctor of Medicine (virusologist), Chair of the First in the World Leech therapy Kathedra since 1996.

Dr. Maciej Paruzel, Plastic Surgeon

Dr Saurabh

Dr. Saurabh Sharma  – surgeon Ayurvedic medicine practitioner.

Prof. Dr. Müfit Toparlak – Parasitologist at İstanbul University,Veterinary Faculty,Parasitology Department /Turkey

Dr. Magdalene Westendorff, Doctor of Biological Sciences (Natural Health Professional, Hirudotherapist)

Dr. Solikha Ulukova – hijama practitioner, advisor on complex H2 method.

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Savinov – president of the Moscow Alliance of Hirudotherapeuts.

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