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Regular online courses in Hirudotherapy with Nina Barbora Evans

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We use the Integral Method of Hirudotherapy as it represents the very latest developments and scientific discoveries in holistic medicine. It incorporates modern complementary medicine diagnosis, a homeopathic approach and Chinese ‘meridian’ methods. This unique package effectively helps reduce post-treatment reactions and issues.

Hirudotherapy has been known for more than 3000 years, traditionally used by the pharaohs of Egypt, as a well documented part of Ayurvedic Medicine and then later in Europe. For today the ancient approach is enriched with many scientific discoveries, also the addition of the Homeopathic approach (“Great power but using small doses”) and knowledge of the biological active points from Chinese Medicine. This changes and elevates the status of the “Hirudotherapy Practitioner”. For prevention, early diagnosis and self-healing you do not have to be a western medicine trained doctor, because every human being in the 21st century interested in health (especially it’s enhancement) is intelligent and smart enough to learn and apply “The Systemic Method”.

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Recovery of health by using medicinal leeches differs from the traditional way of treatment with drugs as the leech is an animal which has a natural biological structure. Medicines dull symptoms of illness, whereas remedy/health recovery using leach therapy eliminates the cause of the illness itself. The leech, by biting the skin, injects into the body of the patient approximately 100 bioactive substances; however it selectively directs just those substances which are necessary to uniquely cure the person’s ailments.

The leech bite irritates receptors in the skin, triggering activity of the internal organs. At the point of the leech bite a very light painful sensation may occur which passes in some minutes. Visible signs at the point of the leech bite are a small trace on the skin for a short time. The leech’s saliva contains anti-inflammatory/anasthetic/antiseptic substances and prevents the blood from clotting, but all of these substances can also activate chronic illnesses or inflammatory processes. After the second or third session of treatment the state of the patient’s health very frequently worsens, however this is a normal part of the NATURAL PROCESS, does not represent any health danger and hence should not be a worry. Healers call this process ‘a response reaction of the organism’ to the action of secretions of the leeches’ salivary glands. The state of health usually improves only after the fourth or fifth session of treatment. By the leeches blood-letting from a human body microbes, toxins, salts and ballast substances are eliminated, thus the organism is cleared in natural way. In addition it promotes the improvement of the person’s blood circulation, and – the most important – it leads to normalization and improvement of capillary circulation, which CANNOT be achieved using chemical reactions.

When restoring blood circulation, connections are restored between the separate organs and the proper activation of local and general immune reactions can proceed. Because of the difference in osmotic pressure due to the leech secretions, organism fluids start to move from internal organs to the surface of the skin. Thus, the property of the leech bite wound to continue bleeding, encourages the movement of even previously immobile fluids. This also continues after the leech has detached.

When the leech drops off the skin, the wound continues to bleed plentifully and patients should not be afraid of this part of the natural process. Conversely, only slight and/or short–term bleeding indicates impaired blood circulation. To restore this process the leeches should be applied at the same place. Bleeding lasts for some hours (between 12-24) and the patient loses approximately 20-30 ml of blood.

The course of treatment, the number of leeches used, and their application is determined by the qualified hirudotherphy consultant. Such a person should have a certificate of completion of a course which has covered practical and theoretical hirudotheraphy knowledge.

The leech has local and general influence on a person’s organism:
– Local influence is accompanied by bleeding at the point of  bite, the itchiness and reddening of the skin, and possible inflammation of the lymph nodes. Application and lubrication with ‘Hirudo’ ointment provides rapid relief of itchiness. If the itch persists, lubrication with the ointment should be applied 2-3 times per day.
– The general reaction is accompanied by improvement or deterioration in mood and the general state of health. The person usually becomes calmer, sleeps better, and adequately reacts to life’s problems. In some cases after a procedure trembling, drowsiness, weakness, and an increase in body temperature can appear.

IMPORTANT NOTE there is a small potential risk in the transmission of human specific bacteria found in the gut of leeches. To minimise this risk we recommend, and ourselves use, a procedure of natural staging of the leeches’ application, allowing time for the leeches to be fully saturated and then self-detach (not forcing premature withdrawal). In rare cases of an excessive reaction from this bacteria (manifested in extreme redness, itching and swelling), one should be immediately prescribed a course of antibiotics.

Any unclear questions about health changes should be addressed directly to the hirudotheraphy consultant, as only the healer possessing specialist knowledge of hirudotheraphy can adequately assess your condition and advise how you should proceed according to your condition.

Leeches should be applied only by a hirudotheraphy consultant or leech-practitioner nursing staff.

Leeches usually stay attached at a truly congested site for between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the health problems of a patient. Individual leeches can only be used once, the used leech is disposed of in a container with special disinfectant solution and then destroyed. The leech is never used twice, in accordance with epidemiological hygienic sanitary requirements.

Once the leech is detached, the bite wound should be covered with a sterile bandage and an absorbent dressing pack. When the pack is impregnated with blood, another may be applied or replaced by a new dry one. The sterile dressing could remain on for 24 hours, or less if bleeding ceases; after which a sterile plaster should be applied to the wound for one more day. Following the procedure it is not advised for the patient to take a bath, wash the application area or go to the swimming pool for two days.

During this remedy using medicinal leeches the effect of some medicines is increased, thus it is important to inform the hirudotherapy consultant of any medical conditions and medication in use.

During the leech treatment: alcohol abuse, drug use, taking herbaceous or biologically active preparations is not recommended. If the patient does not feel any health improvement after the completed course of treatment, it indicates that too few leeches were used; in that case the treatment should be continued or repeated in 1- 3 months time.

In an effort to prevent infectious disease, do not experiment or try to use other species of leech not offered by representatives of ‘Duremar Therapy’, or indeed under doubtful circumstances. Cheap prices does not guarantee the quality of leeches, and especially does not guarantee adequate professional execution of the procedure.

Leech allergies arise very rarely. In the case of a patient’s concern of their susceptibility to allergy, a biological test will be performed prior to any treatment. This test consists of a single leech application. If the person is allergic to the substances contained in the leech saliva, it will appear obvious within 2-3 minutes (the leech will be detached immediately at any reaction or after this time). A later allergic reaction, which could appear after about 12 hours, usually passes by itself and does
not cause serious health problems.

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Featured products for REGULATION

Original Oral Liquid (Phoenix) – F001 –

The Oral Ganoderma Lueidum-Cordyceps Liquid is capable of enhancing the immunity of cells, promoting the growth of leukocytes, increasing the volume of immunoglobulin, inducing the generation of interferon, encouraging the activity of natural killer cells and increasing the mass of immune organs such as the thymus glands, the spleen and the liver so as to enhance the resistance of human body to all kinds of diseases. It is particularly applicable to patients who have difficulty recovering from illnesses, suffer from weakness or ill health and those who have low disease resistance.

Linchzhi Capsules – F003 –

Linchzhi ascospores are rich in protein, amino acids, polypeptides, polysaccharides, terpenes, vitamins, biological alkali, organic germanium and other useful components. This can increase the patients’ immune function and resistance to tumours. Also it can strengthen the heart, protect the liver, regulate blood pressure, reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, increase energy, have a soothing effect, improve the quality of sleep, strengthen the body, stimulate the production of sperm, promote cell regeneration, slow down the process of aging. It is recommended for middle age and elderly people, depleted by diseases, post surgery, in rehabilitation periods, or during radio and chemotherapy.

Featured products for CLEANSING

Sanqing Oral Liquid – F007 –

Primarily an internal body cleanser containing a number of detoxifiers, immune system boosters, blood and intestine cleaning ingredients (aloe vera, oligose, cordyceps, chrysanthemum, etc.). Can be useful for constipation, enteritis and gastritis, high blood fat content and other ailments caused by these conditions; cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, acne, halitosis, and bad temper.

Liuwei Tea – F004 –

“Six-flavour Tea” is composed of 6 herbs: Pu-erh tea, radix astragali, salvia miltiorrhiza, pentapnax leschenaultii, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle. It’s flavour is smooth and sweet, which makes it the perfect health preservation product. It has the effect of relieving a sore throat, helping digestion, invigorating blood circulation and activating blood stasis, clearing away toxic material, and maintaining beauty. Drinking this tea before AND after dinner can reduce the intake of fat, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity; relieve the burden of the liver and kidneys, help reduce the development of cancer. For smokers in particular it has the effect of relieving sore throats and cooling the blood, thus preventing respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis.

Featured products for RE-BUILDING

Miegui Rose Paste – F006 –

The fruit paste candy “Meigui”, containing rose blossom extract, increases the amount of useful micro flora of the intestine, stabilizes and strengthens
the digestive tract; regulates the secretion of the digestive juices, stimulates digestion and absorption, helps in the cases of diarrhea. It maintains the youth of the
intestine, strengthens the immunity, and can slow down aging. Also, following the principle ‘the exterior influences the interior’, the paste can dissolve pigmental marks
and stimulate the disintegration of melanin, encouraging conditions for a person to have a clear healthy complexion.

Sanbao Oral Liquid – F002 –

Sanbao Oral liquid not only can supplement components like calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, vitamins, amino acids and protein, but also can
replenish energy, improve air supply and refresh a person’s vigour, in addition to strengthening the immune system. What is more it has special effects in improving such
diseases as rheumatalgia, hepatitis, cervical vertebra disease and low sexuality in males and females.

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